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Rachel May, Double Exposures

Rachel is a hybrid photographer who specializes in weddings. Based out of Virginia with her husband and three children, she adores laughter, travel, lush gardens, sweet embraces, warm hospitality, and beautiful landscapes.

From Rachel…

“With double exposures, you must remember that you will be exposing your film twice. Instead of overexposing my film as usual, I expose the film 1 stop under what the meter reading says for both exposures. I typically do a bulb out reading with the bulb facing away from my subject. In terms of content and shape, it’s best to do the first frame of the shape you wish to fill with a white backdrop – this will make for a good silhouette. The second frame, choose something that is full of color and contrast.”

Contax 645, Fuji 400h, Richard Photo Lab
Rachel May Photography
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