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Lucy Munoz, The Art of Movement

Lucy is a fine-art photographer who specializes in weddings. She is based out of Los Angeles, CA with her husband, two children, and their maltese, Maggie.

From Lucy…

“I love movement in photography. I feel it adds yet another layer to the photographs and helps to create a more fluid storyline. In this picture, the sun was starting to dip and I knew the colors were going to be perfect. I instructed the model to walk forward and we walked together at a steady matched pace. I always show the model or couple the pace that I will be moving at before I take the picture. I will even practice with them if I think it’s necessary. The goal is to get most of my shots in focus so it’s important to be in sync. This being said, I don’t mind motion blur because I think it can also look quite lovely. In this picture, Colette, my model, was instructed to give me a variance of looks while she moved. I asked that she look straight ahead at first and then over to her left and so forth. I chose this picture in particular from that set because I loved her connection with the camera.”

Contax 645, Fuji 400h, The FIND Lab
Lucy Munoz Photography
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