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Elisa Bricker, Natural Posing

Elisa has been creating images full of love, soft light, and life for over a decade. While she resides in Virginia with her husband and children, her work has taken her all around the globe.

From Elisa…

“This is one of my favorite images taken at Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard during a bridal portrait session with Jacin Fitzgerald. I’m always looking for beautiful, soft lines when photographing a bride on her own. I want her to look feminine and comfortable rather than stiff or posed. This particular image is a great example of a natural pose as she brought her hands up to cross her body. The lines of the fabric across her torso compliment that of her dress, and her gaze is downward, with her chin still raised. Another thing to note in this image is the light. I positioned her so that she was backlit, creating a halo around her hair and catching the layers of her dress. The light is very soft and is was taken during the last few minutes of daylight to avoid harsh shadows or loss in the detail of her dress. To learn more about natural posing and sign up for my free educational newsletter, click here.”

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