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Brittany Mahood, Shooting For You (And Them)

Brittany is a fine-art film photographer who specializes in lifestyle and weddings. Her approach to photography stems from her years spent living in Phoenix, where those desert tones seeped right into her heart and art. She currently splits her time between her childhood home in Winnipeg, Canada and Phoenix, AZ.

From Brittany…

“Weddings celebrate the beginning of a new family. Rings are exchanged, vows are said and last names are changed. I want to document just that – the beginning of the new branch on the family tree – and nothing solidifies that newness in portraiture more than the look at the camera, ‘this is for your grandparents’ photo. It’s classic, beautiful and a great representation of the couple on their day. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t add our own touch to it. Something as incredibly simple as pulling her veil in towards the camera adds a little something different to the image and invites the viewer a little deeper into the frame. Finding ways to see classic portraits in a new light will always lead to better images; for you, for the couple… and for the grandparents, too.”

Contax 645, Fuji 400h, The FIND Lab
Brittany Mahood Photography
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