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Samantha is a fine-art hybrid photographer who specializes in weddings and portraiture. When she’s not capturing the simplicity of every day life through her lens, you’ll find her spending time with her family, rescuing lost dogs, or eating mint chocolate chip ice cream to a great documentary.

From Samantha…

“I was so out of my comfort zone for this entire shoot. I had gotten the opportunity to work with some amazing vendors for the first time and they had put together this beautiful, moody shoot from which they naturally expected moody images. My work tends to be on the lighter side, but I was confident in my ability to produce work with more shadows, so I took the leap. The warehouse that the shoot took place in ended up being so much darker in person than I had seen online, so I was so nervous (to say the least). I placed the model in the space with the only light available (which was to her left)​, had my assistant hold my reflector on the opposite side of her and metered for the light rather than metering for the shadows. To achieve a more dramatic look to your images and add contrast, metering for the light with bulb out facing you will help, but make sure your meter isn’t completely facing the light. I  had her eye covered by the flowers we were using to bring in a pop of color to contrast with her lips and I am so glad I did. I took a huge risk for this shoot and because it was so different than my norm, I used a digital back-up to cover my bases (which is a great thing to do if you want to experiment during styled shoots).”

Contax 645, Portra 800, Photo Impact Imaging
Samantha Kirk Photography
California + destination
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Elisa has been creating images full of love, soft light, and life for over a decade. While she resides in Virginia with her husband and children, her work has taken her all around the globe.

From Elisa…

“This is one of my favorite images taken at Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard during a bridal portrait session with Jacin Fitzgerald. I’m always looking for beautiful, soft lines when photographing a bride on her own. I want her to look feminine and comfortable rather than stiff or posed. This particular image is a great example of a natural pose as she brought her hands up to cross her body. The lines of the fabric across her torso compliment that of her dress, and her gaze is downward, with her chin still raised. Another thing to note in this image is the light. I positioned her so that she was backlit, creating a halo around her hair and catching the layers of her dress. The light is very soft and is was taken during the last few minutes of daylight to avoid harsh shadows or loss in the detail of her dress. To learn more about natural posing and sign up for my free educational newsletter, click here.”

Contax 645, Portra 400, Richard Photo Lab
Elisa Bricker Photography
Virginia + worldwide
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Tara is a fine-art hybrid photographer who specializes in lifestyle portraiture. Based in the Bay area and seasonally in beautiful New England, Tara has a fondness for capturing imagery filled with natural light, layered color, and pure emotion.

From Tara…

“Coming from a design background, I used to focus primarily on color, texture and light. I still do. But after working more with families, I realized there is so much more to these images than just pretty composition. In a time where things seem to move at warp speed, families are eager to slow down. More than anything they seem to want to freeze a moment in time and capture a particular season in their families lives; those sweet mannerisms their little ones adopt that come and go, those expressions, those snuggles. It dawned on me that it was the memories and emotions embedded in these images that often spoke more to them them just the pretty picture – they wanted to feel something. After this realization, I began spending more time getting to know my families before I worked with them. Once I began asking about their favorite activities and traditions at home, everything changed. This took such an incredible amount of pressure off composing that perfect picture, and I now don’t try to control as much. I still evaluate the light and look for pretty places in their home to shoot, but after I place them in the light,  I just let them play. I capture them doing what they love. I let them tell me their story and the images began speaking to their hearts.

I shot this picture a bit differently than I typically do. I tend to shoot fairly wide open so in this case, my shutter speed had to be a bit faster to account for the bright, midday sun. I metered off Audrey’s hair (the darkest part of the frame) and got a reading of 2.0; 1/500.”

Contax 645, 2.0 1/500, Fuji 400h, Richard Photo Lab
Kent Avenue Photography
Bay Area + New England
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Michael is a hybrid photographer who specializes in weddings and portraits. He resides in California but frequently travels all over the west coast. When he is not behind the camera, you can find him traveling the coast or camping in the mountains with his wife, Brittany, and little tot, Tavin.

From Michael…

“When I first started shooting film, I was overwhelmed by the amount of options I had.  The different manufacturers, speeds, formats, and chrome vs color negative.  At the time, I was shooting a mix of Portra 400 and Fuji 400h, and I had no clue why I was shooting either, except that people told me that’s what I should be using.  One day, I went to my local camera shop and bought a few rolls of every stock they had.  My goal was to test them in different lighting situations, rating them differently, and figure out which ones suited me best.  It was a huge eye opener for me and gave me so much clarity regarding when to use certain speeds, which manufacturers I liked best, and so on.  Now, whenever I meet up-and-coming photographers, this is the first tip I give them.  Understanding why you like specific film stocks and how they work plays a huge roll in finding your voice as a photographer.”

Contax 645, Fuji 400h rated at 160, Richard Photo Lab
Michael Radford Photography
California + worldwide
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Brittany is a fine-art film photographer who specializes in lifestyle and weddings. Her approach to photography stems from her years spent living in Phoenix, where those desert tones seeped right into her heart and art. She currently splits her time between her childhood home in Winnipeg, Canada and Phoenix, AZ.

From Brittany…

“Weddings celebrate the beginning of a new family. Rings are exchanged, vows are said and last names are changed. I want to document just that – the beginning of the new branch on the family tree – and nothing solidifies that newness in portraiture more than the look at the camera, ‘this is for your grandparents’ photo. It’s classic, beautiful and a great representation of the couple on their day. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t add our own touch to it. Something as incredibly simple as pulling her veil in towards the camera adds a little something different to the image and invites the viewer a little deeper into the frame. Finding ways to see classic portraits in a new light will always lead to better images; for you, for the couple… and for the grandparents, too.”

Contax 645, Fuji 400h, The FIND Lab
Brittany Mahood Photography
Canada + worldwide
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