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Kati is a hybrid photographer who specializes in fine-art weddings and engagements. She resides in Melbourne, FL with her husband and their adorable pup, Ollie. Kati has a chronic case of wanderlust and adores everything Anthropologie.

From Kati…

“This image was taken at Adria and Todd’s lovely Chicago wedding in October 2015. For wedding parties, I usually have the same routine, but the images always come out vastly different based on the location, the lighting, and of course, the personalities of the people in the images. I started by having the wedding party lined up side by side like normal, and then I had the bride and groom take a few steps ahead of everyone. I explained that I wanted the bride and groom to focus on each other, and for the guys and gals to laugh and talk amongst themselves (while making sure to stay behind the bride and groom). In this kind of image, it’s very important to set your your aperture higher so you can get the scenery behind them as well as not completely blur out the wedding party. I set my aperture at 4.0 and shot at 1/250 of a second. I also made sure not to have the sun directly behind them (to ensure I wouldn’t get a terrible glare). While there is a slight flare, I think it works for this image. This is actually one of my favorite images because I love the joy that is shown between the bride and groom (as well as the bridesmaids and groomsmen). I also love the movement because it brings life to the image instead of it being stagnant, and the city skyline in the background just ties together their story.”

Contax 645, Fuji 400h, Photovision Prints
Kati Rosado Photography
Orlando + Savannah
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Emily is one half of The Ganeys, a husband/wife hybrid photography team based out of sunny St. Petersburg, FL. Emily adores adventuring with her husband, Thomas as much as she loves spending time at home with her darling pups, Canon and Oliver. She has a fondness for handwritten letters and homemade lattes.

From Emily…

“This photo was captured at the Amanda Watson Workshops in the gorgeous White Sparrow Barn. The day was ending, the light was fading quickly, and all of the attendees were lined up parallel to where the model was moving. I remember being a little bummed that I was at the very end of the row (next to the model as she started her journey), but I decided to do the best I could, just as I would on any wedding day when you’re dealt less-than-idea conditions. Despite my placement, this image turned out to be one of my favorites from the workshop! For this image, I purposely didn’t focus on the model (because honestly, I knew it would be nearly impossible for me to capture her in focus at 1/30th of a second as she ran from me). I love the way the longer exposure time makes her dress resemble a waterfall and how the soft focus really allows the imagination to take over. Movement shots are always some of my favorites! ”

Contax 645. Portra 400. Richard Photo Lab
The Ganeys Photography
Florida + worldwide
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Elza is a natural light hybrid photographer who specializes in motherhood and family photography. Although she is originally from Montreal, she resides in Toronto and frequently travels for sessions. Elza has a fondness for film, flowers, painting, and beautiful California light.

From Elza…

”Motherhood is definitely my favorite genre to photograph on film. I love to capture those precious candid moments and, more than anything, the special connection between a mother and her little one. I’ll give the mom some simple directions and then let her cuddle and enjoy the moment with her baby. To get this shot, I simply asked the mom to kiss her daughter, who happened to be looking at me in that moment. With children, these perfect photo opportunities only last for a few seconds – or even for a fraction of a second – so you have to be very attentive to all those precious little moments happening in front of your camera. To get these light and creamy tones, I placed my models on a white bed (with a large window to our left) and shot wide open at f2.8. The light was soft and simply gorgeous! I always suggest that my clients wear pale and neutral colors to beautifully achieve that bright and airy look.”

Pentax 645N, 75mm FA 2.8, Fuji 400H, The FIND Lab
Elza Photographie
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David is a fine-art film photographer who specializes in weddings. He resides in Sydney, Australia with his wife, Belle, and their daughter, Jasmine. David loves to explore new places with his family and has a fondness for soft, natural light.

From David…

“This image was created in dark hotel room, where there was barely enough light provided by the window. The room itself was quite distracting in the background, so I utilized a black reflector and placed it right behind the bride (to reduce visual distractions). I had the bride stand right next to the window – so she was front lit – and had her look straight at me. I just love the vulnerability in her expression. I rated the film at box speed but shot this wide open at f/2 with a HOYA macro filter +1 at 1/60 of a second. I just love how powerful her eyes are and how everything else is soft… especially her skin tones! This is just one of the many reasons I love film!”

Contax 645, Portra 400 +1, The FIND Lab
We Are Origami Photography
Sydney + worldwide
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Kenzie is a fine-art hybrid photographer who specializes in weddings. Although she’s based out of Salt Lake City, UT, she has a fondness for travel and does it frequently.

From Kenzie…

“One thing I really struggled with when I first began shooting film was the fine line between filling the image with light and bringing it to life versus filling the lens with light and making the image muddy. Because this photo was taken around 11:30am, the sun was pretty high. I positioned the bride in front of the fountain so it could block the direct light, and after metering for the shadows, was able to create a clean, bright image (rather than a muddy one). If I had moved the bride to either side, light would have flooded into my lens, which would have resulted in a less-than-appealing image.”

Pentax 645n, modified Zeiss 80mm lens, Fuji 400h
Kenzie Victory Photography
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