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  • Welcome to The Hybrid Atelier, an educational platform for professional photographers interested in exploring the realm of film or hybrid photography. Our goals are to (1) connect you to top film and hybrid photography leaders in the community, and to (2) provide comprehensive and affordable education resources, for the new and seasoned photographer alike. We want to help you become a well-rounded (thriving, profitable, better) artist.
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    Samantha Kirk, Capturing the Mood

    Samantha is a fine-art hybrid photographer who specializes in weddings and portraiture. When she’s not capturing

    Elisa Bricker, Natural Posing

    Elisa has been creating images full of love, soft light, and life for over a decade. While she resides in Virginia

    Michael Radford, Finding Your Voice

    Michael is a hybrid photographer who specializes in weddings and portraits. He resides in California but frequently